How Katana increased sales by 71.8% using Memorable’s algorithm

Katana used AI-based insights and pre-flight creative testing from Memorable to optimize ad creatives on Meta
Brand recall
Conversion index
Brand association

The Challenge

Katana was looking for a tool to give them better insights into their ad creatives. Previous tools required campaign spend that didn't give them rich insights, and failed to leverage the valuable historical data across their ad accounts.

Katana wanted to find out which elements in their ad creative worked, and which didn't.

Increase sales of Katana’s clients
Measure the effect of creative tests more accurately
Elevate their ad creative insights

Memorable impact

increase in sales
decrease in the Cost Per Sale
increase in leads
"Memorable's insights and optimization strategies for our Meta Ad creative led to substantial increases in both leads and sales for our clients, all while efficiently lowering our Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Cost Per Sale (CPS)."
CMO at Katana
Mark Smith

Client Overview

Katana’s client is a South African licensed insurer and authorized Financial Services Provider that specializes in Short-Term Insurance. The insurer sells value-added Personal, and Car, Insurance products through its in-house contact center.


The Solution

Using Memorable’s advanced ML models, trained on Katana’s past campaign data, Memorable was able to deliver:

• Performance Predictions to forecast creative performance, pre-launch.

• Brand Insights reporting. Katana was able to predict which elements in their ad creative would captivate viewer attention and drive results, and test specific creative elements side-by-side.

• Creative Recommendations on specific changes to improve performance.

• Saliency Heatmaps to analyze current and new creative to understand Attention distribution in ads. The Saliency Heatmap is a data visualization technique that helps quantify how much attention the different elements of your ad creative are attracting. The Heatmap pinpoints where human attention is likely to linger. The “hot” zones of the map correspond to high levels of predicted human attention, while “cold” zones suggest areas that go unnoticed.


The Result

After one month of leveraging Memorable's insights and testing the results in A/B tests, the brand was able to achieve:

• Increase in leads by: 52.7%

• Increase in sales by: 71.8%

• Increase in the ad Click-Through-Rate (CTR) by: 27.5%

• Decrease in the Cost Per Lead (CPL) by: 21%

• Decrease in the Cost Per Sale (CPS) by: 29.9%

• Increase in the Sales Conversion Rate by: 13%

The Saliency Heatmap shows that the changes Memorable suggested shifted the attention of viewers toward the clients’ logo, and the ad creative headline.

Curious to know how you can maximize the performance of your ad creative with our pretest and insights? Request a demo, and we’ll show you can increase your ad performance with Memorable!


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