Double the efficiencies: how NotCo reduced Cost per Engagement by 14% and made creatives faster using Memorable AI

Food-tech unicorn NotCo managed to build meat replacement ads in much less time while scoring engagement at a lower cost.
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The Challenge

NotCo was about to relaunch their meat replacements campaign with creatives from a new photoshoot. The campaign from the plant-based foods firm was to be published on Meta. The objectives of the project with Memorable were:

  • More efficient creative development
  • Reducing the cost per engagement
  • Learning how AI can optimize creative workflows
More efficient creative development
Reducing the cost per engagement
Learning how AI can optimize creative workflows

Memorable impact

Cost per engagement
Creatives generated in 5 minutes
"At NotCo, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our ad campaigns. When I heard about how AI could help with ads, I was intrigued. With Memorable, we were able to create 48 ad alternatives in only 5 minutes. Then, selecting the best one was easy: we tested the impact of each one in seconds using the AI. Their technology allowed us to lower the cost per engagement by 14% and increase production speed. Highly recommended for any marketing professional looking to get more results from their ad budget."
Brand & Communication Manager at NotCo.
Cecilia Pato Vionnet

Client overview

NotCo is a food-tech company specialized in developing plant-based food products using artificial intelligence (AI). One of NotCo's main goals is to create plant-based alternatives that taste as good or better than their animal-based counterparts, while also being more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The food-tech unicorn has received several awards for their innovative approach to plant-based food production and their commitment to sustainability. They recently launched a new campaign for their strongest segment, meat replacements, for which they are actively leveraging innovative tactics to boost marketing performance. As an AI Native firm, NotCo's match with Memorable was natural and the foods brand was open to an innovative, tech-forward approach.



NotCo used Memorable creative AI to generate double efficiencies: in creative production and in media investments.

Media efficiencies: Memorable trained an AI model to predict Engagement for the brand’s creatives in Meta. This allowed the teams to pretest every alternative before spending on media.

Creative efficiencies: the Memorable Ad Maker was used to create 48 creative alternatives in only 5 minutes.

Bringing these components together gave NotCo a killer app in creative AI: generating plenty of creative alternatives in minutes and selecting the most impactful one before making media investments.

The tool to pretest engagement of ad creatives was trained by Memorable using the brand’s historical data and multimodal AI models that use visuals, text, and audio as predictors of marketing impact. The model reached an accuracy of 85% when tested against validation data, through a simple but powerful exercise: the AI is asked to select the winning ad prior to knowing the results. This means that the AI selected the right creative 85 out of 100 times—significantly above the 52% average human accuracy.

Once the pretest model was trained and validated, it was initially used to evaluate and rank the brand’s existing creatives. However, being two AI Native companies, the teams went on to leverage this technology in its full capacity: we used the Memorable Ad Maker to generate multiple new creatives in minutes, and then ranked them using our recently trained pretest model.

After generating 48 creatives in 5 minutes and testing them for their potential to drive engagement, the team found a winning creative using the prompt “Photograph of a vertical pile of chicken nuggets, blue background, professional food photography”.

In order to validate the increased efficiencies in the cost per engagement—as predicted by Memorable AI—NotCo implemented a 1-week A/B test where the asset generated and selected by Memorable competed against previously existing ones. In the test, everything was left constant except for the asset creatives.



Memorable helped NotCo make their media investment more efficient, by lowering their cost per engagement by 14%. This means that with the same investment, the engagement was 16% higher for the AI-generated asset than its counterparts.

In addition, the food-tech company gained creative efficiencies, by leveraging the generation of almost 50 creatives in only 5 minutes. This takes the savings beyond the increased performance, as it opens the door to replacing photoshoots with AI-generated images—while ensuring that they have high marketing effectiveness.

With this case, NotCo was the first company to leverage a powerful new combination in Creative AI: generating creative as easy as search copy, and testing every alternative so media dollars are spent only on the good ones.

This case is one of the many experiments we are currently working on. Our next challenge will be to test creatives where the AI model predicts CTR, improving media efficiencies.


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