Detect what is helping or hurting your brand on each channel

Learn which creative elements are driving impact in your category and which ones are wearing out.

Find your impact drivers

Our AI evaluates multiple creative factors in the assets to understand what drives more impact for your brand on each channel.


People, ethnicities, ages
Text in ad, description, subtitles
Video length
Distinctiveness in industry
Advantages & discount
Object motion
Camera motion
Color & brightness


Intra-Image context & surprise
Difficulty to understand
Scene complexity
Saliency of each element
Product & logo
Ad saliency in context
Simple message

Creative Analytics

Start every campaign by learning the keys to performance in your previous assets on each channel.

Our clients love making their ads memorable

"Memorable's technology allowed us to lower the cost per engagement by 14% and increase production speed. Highly recommended for any marketing professional looking to get more results from their ad budget!."
Cecilia Pato Vionnet
Brand & Communication Manager at NotCo
"Memorable's analyses are both eye-opening and fast. It takes seconds to see what changes can save you tons in media spend or raise ROI."
Cayetana Pelaez Senior
Vice President Lifestyle in Newlink Spain
"I was surprised by the ease of navigating the tool, the granularity of the data, and the simplicity in obtaining it."
Agustina Padilla
Brand, Campaigns & Partnerships Manager at
The tool is very versatile. The more you learn about it, the more you come up with more ideas to apply it on campaigns, communication and account maintenance
Carolina Bruzzone
CSO Slap global Agency

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