AI-Powered Pretest in seconds: how NotCo leveraged AI to boost CTR by 32% and reduce their CPC by 7%

Food-tech unicorn NotCo continues to optimize its ads with AI, this time boosting traffic with more efficient creative selected by Memorable.
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The Challenge

After our initial success in optimizing engagement for their NotChickenNuggets product, the NotCo team wanted to keep exploring the capabilities of AI. In this case, the purpose was to select the creative that could perform best for them at the lowest cost—by letting the AI select from a set of already existing assets. The marketing objective was increasing traffic (CTR & CPC) for the NotBurger products, as part of their ongoing meat replacements campaign on Meta. The objectives this time were:

Increasing the click-through rate
Reducing the cost per click
Optimize asset selection process using AI

Memorable impact

Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
Cost per Click (CPC)
"Our marketing team makes dozens of creative choices daily. Without data, it's pretty much a shot in the dark—and it’s inefficient for our media spend. Working with Memorable for the second time, and we're still winning with the content they choose. The 32% higher CTR results speak for themselves!"
Brand & Communication Manager at NotCo
Cecilia Pato Vionnet

Client overview

NotCo is a food-tech company specialized in developing plant-based food products using artificial intelligence (AI). One of NotCo's main goals is to create plant-based alternatives that taste as good or better than their animal-based counterparts, while also being more sustainable and environmentally friendly. The food-tech unicorn has received several awards for their innovative approach to plant-based food production and their commitment to sustainability. They recently launched a new campaign for their strongest segment, meat replacements, for which they are actively leveraging innovative tactics to boost marketing performance. As an AI Native firm, NotCo's match with Memorable was natural and the foods brand was open to an innovative, tech-forward approach.



NotCo used Memorable’s Creative Lab pretesting to select high-performing assets in seconds, increasing their CTR and lowering their CPC for their star product, NotBurger

The pretest tool was trained by Memorable’s team of data scientists, using AI models that leverage NotCo’s historical click data, as well as thousands of creative elements present in their ads. The model has an accuracy of 83% in selecting the best-performing assets for CTR and CPC, tested before deployment and above our 80% minimum threshold. This significantly surpasses the standard of 52% average human accuracy. This level of precision enabled NotCo to confidently select the best-performing ads, maximizing the return on investment for their marketing campaigns.

After training the model, the food-tech company used it to rank the assets and then select the best-performing ones, which included both past ads, as well as images from a new photoshoot. This saved them time and money, quickly helping them choose which assets to reuse and which new ones to include.

To test these predictions, NotCo then set up a 1-week A/B test in Meta, where they compared the performance of 2 assets with high predicted clicks vs an asset with low predicted clicks. 



Memorable helped NotCo significantly boost their ad performance, increasing the click-through rate (CTR) by a remarkable 32% and reducing cost per clicks (CPC) by 7% when comparing Memorable’s selection vs the asset not selected by Memorable.  This only gives a small taste of what AI is capable of when used consistently.

Moreover, the food-tech company gained time and money by identifying high-performing assets out of their historic and new campaigns in just a few seconds. This approach not only streamlined their decision-making process but also ensured that they were investing in the most effective creatives, further optimizing their ad spend.

This is only the second chapter in our partnership with NotCo. NotCo will soon be joining the ranks of the select few who will be using our newest development, creative analytics, helping them identify creative elements that work for each of their marketing objectives on each platform.


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