Unilever’s hair brand Sedal increases the brand impact potential of its latest product launch by 250% with Memorable.

With Memorable's AI technology to optimize visual content, Sedal increased the recall potential and attention to the logo of its latest ad campaign
Brand recall
Conversion index
Brand association

The Challenge

Sedal's team came to Memorable with the key goal of gaining market share with a new product line that contained two new trendy ingredients, Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid. 

‍For that specific campaign, the global manufacturer had renewed its contract with singer and actress Lali Espósito, who had worked for the brand in 2014, 2016, and 2021. The Sedal team wanted to build a more significant brand association with the influencer, as it proved to be a winning strategy over the past years for their brand. But, what were the key elements for that success?

Find out past winning strategies
Analyze +130 assets in 2 days
Gain higher attention toward the new product line

Memorable impact

Increased Ad Recall
Increased logo saliency
Higher attention to the new product line
"Memorable allowed us to make data-driven marketing decisions in just seconds! We were able to be much more efficient and find out how to shoot a scene to create an ad with the highest possible recall potential and association to our brand, without having to resort to our pure intuition."
Brand Strategy & Mix Develompent Manager Sedal
Veronica Eichtersheimer

Client Overview

Sedal, also known as Sunsilk in some countries, is one of the world’s leading hair care brands from Unilever. Their products are designed for Gen Z and millennials and are inclusive of every hair color, length, and texture. Sedal’s main objective is to democratize hair care trends and make them accessible to every consumer. In times of economic uncertainty, its brand proposal becomes even more relevant for tier 1 consumers.



Using our tool for instant tests on multiple ROAS metrics, the team analyzed more than 130 assets in less than 2 days. This enabled understanding key insights for ad impact, such as how the recall potential can vary when adapting scenes from TV to other digital platforms or how ingredients scenes perform differently when placed on each social media channel. It also saved precious time: without Memorable, testing a similar number of assets would have taken months.

Our AI allowed the team to detect new effective strategies in the category and a close look with our heatmap helped to recognize the best video scenes with high recall and high product/logo saliency. What worked in past ads could be replicated for the next campaign. 

The Sedal team used Memorable´s metric of Text Saliency, which measures the attention to the text within assets to make sure their messages were being seen.  They also took advantage of the competition monitoring feature, which enables brands to continuously monitor creative strategies and ever-changing design trends in a particular category. Unilever’s brand managers analyzed the 48 most recent ads from their competitors to explore the best practices in communicating these trendy beauty ingredients.

All these metrics, as well as some others, helped the Sedal team choose the most impactful Key Visual between 3 alternatives. Then they optimized the chosen for even better branding impact.



Memorable helped Sedal raise impact on multiple metrics, such as increasing the attention on text by 20%+, a key metric in the context of product innovation with new ingredients for the brand. One of the ways in which this was achieved was through understanding that the claim “Sedal Care” was more salient when displayed in white font rather than in pink.

Additionally, the team realized that when adapting ingredient scenes from YouTube to Facebook & Instagram, they were losing 38% of recall potential. An instant recommendation on varying the zoom of the objects easily fixed that.

After picking the best Key Visual between the 3 alternatives, the Sedal Team got recommendations on how to optimize the piece even more. The improved version offered 250% more logo saliency, 5.8% more Ad recall and a 300% increase in attention on the variant names. That was crucial for a campaign that was focusing on promoting new ingredients.

With Memorable, Sedal will be able to test every brand asset to improve publications and to keep on learning what works best for the brand.


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