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Is your client seeing you? Predicting attention with Memorable

How you can use our AI-powered platform to know which elements of your ad are driving attention.
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AI in marketing
Have you ever wondered if your potential clients actually look at your logo, product, or claim in your ads?

Now you can definitely know using Memorable’s Saliency Heatmap.

The Saliency Heatmap is a data visualization technique that helps quantify how much attention the different areas of your asset are attracting.

Our clients frequently use it to redirect attention to their CTAs, logos and products. Some use it to make their products stand out on e-commerce platforms or on a real shelf.

How does it work? Really easy: we place the Heatmap on top of any asset you upload, so you know where your audience’s attention will be drawn to. Now you can optimize for the user’s attention before launching, iterating as needed until you get the perfect ad.

Take a look at how we apply Heatmaps on key visuals, websites, and even points of sale. How would you use it on your creative assets?

1 . Hellmann's

Hellmann's worked with Memorable to choose the best key visual out of several alternatives. The condiment-favorite company ended up choosing the one below with the help of our Heatmap which proved that this key visual is most effective at attracting the attention to the product.

AI heatmap over a Hellmann's advertising
Most of the attention is on the product.
2 . Amazon

Hey Amazon! You might want to consider placing their claim “We ship over 45 million products around the world” closer to the image. Our Heatmap shows that few will actually take the time to read it.

Amazon should rethink the placement of its text and images.
3 . Cheetos

Well done Cheetos! The snack company did a great job at redirecting most of the attention on its point of sale material to the brand logo & new variant in a modeled version of a shelf frame. Cheetos is correctly placing Chester the Cheetah to drive even higher brand queues.

People will for sure be tempted on grabbing your Cheetos.... if they are not too scared.
4. Mr. Musculo and Pokka Fuji Apple Juice

Here we see how two brands compete for your attention. Mr Musculo, you have designed a great POS material with high salient logo. Unfortunately, this time Pokka Fuji Apple Juice has done it better driving higher saliency to their product. As an interesting side note, the chips between both stands that have a barely noticeable branded shelf liner unsurprisingly attract little to no attention being in between two highly salient stands.

Mr. Musculo and Pokka Fuji Apple Juice compete for your attention in a busy supermarket.

Interested in applying our Heatmap on any of your creatives? Contact us for a free demo! We'd love to show you how you can improve your creative too.

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