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The Role of Attention in Effective Advertising

Master the art of attention and learn how to redirect the key elements of your ad for brand's success.
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AI in marketing

Attention: it's the golden ticket in the bustling landscape of digital advertising. But how can we quantify it? More importantly, how can we redirect it to the key elements for a brand? 

Let's step into the world of creative saliency, where we decode what attracts the human gaze and keeps it engaged.

Capturing Attention: A Deeper Dive

In advertising, not all parts of a frame share equal importance. Some effortlessly draw the eye, while others recede into oblivion. 

And when the things that goes unnoticed are your key message or your logo, you end up wasting your ad spend.

So, how do we distinguish between the two? At Memorable, we employ the might of machine learning to estimate the likelihood of different segments within an ad capturing viewer attention. This model, grounded on a massive dataset embodying human attention patterns, is designed to tackle this task.

Visualizing Attention: The Saliency Heatmap

The fruit of this intricate modeling process takes the form of a saliency heatmap. Imagine a frame from your ad, adorned with a heatmap that pinpoints where human attention is likely to dwell. 

The "hot" zones of this map correspond to high levels of predicted human attention, while "cold" zones suggest areas that could go unnoticed.

Attention: A Strategic Asset

How can this nuanced understanding of attention empower your advertising strategy? 

You can mold your viewer behavior by steering viewer attention towards pivotal areas like your logo, call-to-action, product, or key claim. 

For your point of sale optimization, fine-tune your in-store displays and package designs by merging our attention data with point-of-sale (POS) insights.

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Precision That Demands Attention

Our saliency model boasts an impressive 97% accuracy rate, standing as a potent substitute for traditional, labor-intensive eye-tracking methods.

As a result, we swiftly predict which content will captivate attention, providing vital insights that fuel your ad campaign optimization.

The Business Impact of Attention

Predicting attention isn't merely a theoretical exercise – it has tangible repercussions on business outcomes. Research by Chandon P. et. al. (2009) discovered that in-store marketing elements which successfully attract attention significantly sway brand choice, enhancing effectiveness. 

In a similar vein, Wedel M. & Pieters R. (2000) determined that amplifying attention to the brand and its visuals boosts brand recognition.

Memorable: The Premier Partner for Attention Prediction

At Memorable, we're champions of prediction. We harness our sophisticated attention prediction model developed by our co-founder, Camilo Fosco, a pioneering researcher in computer vision, perception, and cognition, to deliver game-changing insights, aiding you to craft striking ads that mesmerize your audience, elevate brand recall, and propel campaign success.

Want to try our attention heatmaps with one of your assets? Send an email to contact@memorable.io with the subject “attention” and we’ll get back to you with the results.


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