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Discovering the Essence of Brand Building: A Collaboration with Harvard Prof. Jeremy Yang

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Are you ready for some exciting news?

Memorable has partnered with Harvard Professor Jeremy Yang on research projects to advance our understanding of how brands can be most effectively built in a fast-changing world of new media and digital ads. 🤯

An increasingly complex advertising ecosystem demands that brands adjust their approach to ads. In our conversations with customers, some questions keep coming up with more and more relevance, such as:

  • What’s the right interplay between branding and performance?
  • How does that change between one channel and the other?
  • How do you reach creative effectiveness in new types of content, such as TikToks, Reels and Shorts?

As we enter 2023, with a recession looming, there is no time or money to waste on improvised creative strategies.

That’s what makes this initiative important: we need a data-driven approach to the new drivers of creative effectiveness and the interplay between short- and long-term gains for brands.

At Memorable, understanding creative effectiveness is at the core of our work with clients. Our most recent initiative to stay one step ahead in this area is our collaboration with Professor Yang.

If you work at an advertising company or platform and are interested in joining this initiative, contact us and you may receive insights tailored to your case.

Stay tuned for more on this epic collaboration, and start getting insights on what makes an ad work.


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