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Time's up, A/B testing

The times when you needed to invest for a couple of weeks in each ad to see if they work are gone.
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AI in marketing

Are you only relying on A/B testing?

A/B testing sheds light on whether one ad is better than the other, sure. However, to get this information, first, you need to create both ads, test them separately using precious investment, and wait until each ad has been exposed to enough people before concluding that one works better than the other. This process takes weeks; Invesp even recommends running this test for an entire month. Yes, you read that correctly: a month.

Beyond costing too much, this is not even possible for seasonal events like Black Friday—by the time the test ends, your whole reason to campaign is over.

And the worst part is that this is not for much: after all that time and money, you only know which assets work worse, but you haven’t done anything to improve the one you’ll keep—and you also don’t know how to.

Is it worth it?

On average, companies spend between 30% and 50% of their media budget on A/B testing before they can see which assets work better. Got a new campaign? Need to invest again on learning what works and what doesn’t.

According to AppSumo, less than 25% of A/B tests produce significant results. These are pretty low rates for such a high investment. It means an A/B test is 3 times more likely to have no value for the brand than to help it improve its content.

To make it worse: A/B tests will not help you improve the ad you’re sticking with. They just facilitate the ruling out of the worse ones, but don’t recommend alterations you need to make your chosen one the best it can be.

The best choice for your ad creative? Artificial intelligence.

Thanks to new advances in deep learning and cognitive science, we now have a better way of making strategic decisions on creative and optimizing ads: artificial intelligence. AI models allow you to know, during the creative process, what the keys to your performance are. And while you create your ad, you can test every iteration with instant predictive results on how it will work, as well as recommendations on what to improve. This way you have a way to do it better, even before your ad meets consumers.

Yes, you can get this impact boost without investing a single dollar in media, and in seconds.

To be clear: A/B testing was a great option in pre-AI times, but it's a brute-force approach with high marginal costs. Why spend 30-50% of your budget and wait 2-3 weeks after publication for every new ad you want to test, when you could test all your ad creative with $0 media investment, in no time and before launching? AI-based solutions have become the best option for both big and small companies that publish ads and other visual assets: it is much faster and far more effective than alternatives.

At Memorable, we have the solution.

With Memorable’s AI creative testing, you can leave A/B tests behind. Memorable is the new mainstream platform to optimize all ad creative.  We use AI and cognitive science to maximize the memorability, saliency, and conversion potential of ads—both videos and images. The platform lets you analyze all your ads in seconds, get recommendations, predict their performance, and compare them with competitors and other brands.

Meme A/B test
Are you starting to think about what you are going to do with all that extra time & money you’ll be saving on A/B tests?

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