The science of optimizing your CTAs: how simple changes can have a lasting impact

See how three brands hiked their conversion rates and how you can do it too with Memorable
Catalina Lucena Maguire
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  • A regional airline achieved a 591% higher conversion rate with a CTA change
  • Changes in CTA format and placement increased ad recall by nearly 10% for a business intelligence company.
  • A luxury hotel's improvement to CTA format hiked its saliency by 1400%.

Let us show you how they did it, and how you can do it as well.

Placing and designing CTAs may look straightforward at first — but correctly optimizing the prompts’ format and placement can lead to immense benefits in conversion rates.

Our AI-powered platform is equipped with the ability to actually predict your website’s cognitive performance beforehand. Specifically, we can tell if potential clients really look at your CTA or just flat out ignore it.

We take a look at three cases that show how changes to CTA’s lead to massive increases in conversion and prove how Memorable could have predicted them without the hassle of guessing.

Nature Air

The regional airline was unsatisfied with its landing page and aimed to increase the number of flights booked to Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

Consider version 1 and 2 below:

Before and after: a clear CTA for booking flights to Tamarindo was added.
Memorable's results: our platform calculates that the new version attracts four times as more attention.
Choosing with Memorable:
  • Comparing alternatives, our platform calculated that the CTA in version 2 managed to attract a whopping 300% more attention.
Results for each:
  • In an A/B test run by the company, conversions jumped from 2.78% in version 1 to about 19% in the second version of the landing page. This hike means a colossal improvement of 591% in conversions.

SAP Business Objects

The business intelligence company originally had a blue text link for its add to cart option which blended in with the background. They changed their CTA to a more noticeable button that increased conversion rates.

The alternatives are below:

Before and after: conversions soared with an explicit CTA with a big, orange button.
Memorable's results: a big, orange button is indeed effective at attracting your attention.

Choosing with Memorable:
  • Estimating with our platform, users can see a 53.8% increase in the attention towards the CTA, suggesting that version 2 can be the one with the highest conversion.
  • Our platform also calculated an ad recall increase of 8.9% in the second version, suggesting higher branding performance for the firm.
Testing Results:
  • As a consequence of the change, the second version increased their conversions by 32%.

The Vineyard

The Vineyard is a luxury hotel in London aiming to have more people book rooms. On their website, the CTA “Book Hotel” was at the bottom of the page, barely visible, and they knew they had to change something.

Their modifications are seen below:

Before and after: The Vineyard moves the CTA up and changes it to a button.
Memorable's results: placement and format change in the CTA did the job of increasing its saliency.
Choosing with Memorable:
  • In this case, the change to a button in the CTA structure is associated to an increase of its saliency by 1400%. This is a great indicator that the button now effectively attracts attention to the CTA.
  • The company can also observe an 8% jump in their ad recall by this simple exchange, clearly indicating that the explicit button is beneficial for the website's memorability too.
Testing Results:
  • The Vineyard's observed a 32.12% improvement in conversion rates by the CTA modification.

Good CTAs are key to ensuring healthy conversion rates. They need to grab attention and make your potential client become an actual client. No matter how great your content, designs, photos are, if your CTA isn’t effective your business is going to flop.

While some may want to go through a lengthy and expensive A/B testing process, using AI like most global marketing leaders can solve the issue in seconds. Prevention is definitely better than cure.

That’s where Memorable’s platform becomes incredibly practical. Instantly know how much attention your prompt grabs and take action beforehand to guarantee CTAs that attract the best conversion rates.

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