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Memorable wins AdExchanger Award 🏆​

Best Account Support by a Technology Company
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We are thrilled to announce that Memorable won an AdExchanger Award!

We were recognized among the industry’s brightest achievements for providing the Best Account Support by a Tech Company.

And guess what: we also got an honorable mention in the category Best Measurement Or Analytics Capability.

This is exciting to us because we take pride in becoming strategic partners with our clients in the mission to increase ROAS through better creative, especially in times of shrinking budgets.

We achieve this by providing valuable data-driven insights meant for impact. Whether it's pretesting assets for higher branding and conversion, monitoring the competition, or even generating new assets. All with the accuracy that only AI can provide. 

For Hellmanns, for instance, the type of insight was all about where in the recipe to display the mayonnaise jar. This decision alone drove an increase of 8% in brand recall. In another example, we helped Sedal drive 67% more attention to its new product line.

Our biggest appreciation goes to the brands and the specific marketers and creators who choose to work with us, and who continuously help us get to a better product. We'll continue to work very hard to ensure you have the best creative intelligence there is.

AdExhanger awards 2022 Best Account Support by a Technology Company Memorable AI


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