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New Creative Compass API from Memorable AI

Memorable launches its Creative Compass API, an AI that predicts KPIs like media metrics, brand lift, and the cognitive impact of ads, instantly and at scale.
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We don’t need more ads.

We need better ads, made faster.

The acceleration of Gen AI for image and video is bringing a flood of new creative alternatives. However, marketers still struggle with investing in the right creatives: the ones that maximize performance and brand building without overspending.

Gen AI will only be adopted if it is paired with another AI that helps test and select high-quality creatives, at scale.

And that AI is here: meet Memorable’s AI Creative Compass

While Memorable’s Creative Copilot is directly accessible by Brands today on a platform, we’re also launching our services through APIs for any other ad tech & generative platform to leverage.

The AI Creative Compass

We are opening the first seats for API access to our predictive AI. Through an API, companies will now be able to run pre-flight tests at scale and for all their creative alternatives.

Memorable AI metrics for the Creative Compass

More on Memorable's predictive metrics here.

An AI brain that understands what makes ads work

Since the early scientific breakthroughs that the Memorability of an ad could be predicted better than humans by using machine learning, Memorable has been focused on one task:

Reverse-engineering the cognitive processes that make ad creatives work

That means understanding memory, attention, and engagement like nobody else. And especially, understanding how the different creative elements impact those cognitive and behavioral patterns.

With a scientific DNA, Memorable has been pushing the industry and academic frontiers with models that predict different cognitive and performance metrics. Very recently, one of our models was presented at CVPR, the leading AI research conference in the world. Our memorability work was also featured by WIRED magazine in a recent article.

Memorable AI featured in Wired Magazine

How the AI Creative Compass will drive impact

  1. For Generative AI or DCO: creative selection at scale
  2. Creative engines can use our AI to test the impact of every generation and launch only the winning ones. Rank dozens or hundreds of creatives based on their impact on media KPIs, cognitive effects, or brand lift.
  3. CPA Bidding enhanced with creative intelligence
  4. Bidding models can be made creative-smart with our ad creative embeddings. Bidders can now optimize based on which creatives work best in different placement conditions and audiences. Optimize bidding decisions or be used to replace creatives ahead of time.
  5. Client-facing creative insights
  6. Showing the creative KPIs directly to clients, as well as AI-based recommendations on how to improve each one. This is especially useful for platforms that have a brand-facing UI and can display predicted results, recommendations, and insights for their clients to see.

Towards real AI adoption in the ad industry

The leaps in Generative AI impressed us all—even those of us who had been working with GANs and AI alterations for a long time.

However, the ad industry still needs the key quality component to make Creative AI work. Today Memorable is making that component available for the industry to leverage across platforms.

Talk to our team: 5fiswtm0uvh.typeform.com/to/TQnpqPAM

Try it out directly: platform.memorable.io


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