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Becoming Memorable

Kick-starting the new era of cognitive creative. See how we're building the AI that will enable anyone to optimize the cognitive impact of their assets.
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We’re very happy to share the news: today we become Memorable.

TL;DR: we bring together AI and cognitive science to help build creative assets with real impact on viewers. We’ve realized we can predict cognitive reactions to videos and images with high accuracy, and we’re now building the tech to automatically improve those visual assets. We help anyone in marketing, media, edtech and the arts ditch the guesswork and ensure that their visuals attract attention, stay in memory or maximize engagement.

Reverse-engineering the brain

We decided to start this journey during a mate-fueled conversation about the recent progress in cognitive science and AI. We had been talking about Camilo’s research on predictive models for memory and attention, and our chat quickly became a full-blown brainstorming session on how this field could birth a disruptive product in multiple industries.

If we could predict with high accuracy what any viewer will look at and remember, the opportunities would be endless: from marketing and design to education and safety. Imagine enabling marketers to increase brand awareness and sales just by optimizing their visual assets, showing designers the creative strategies with higher impact, or helping professors design presentations where the key learnings stick in memory.

If you’re excited, we understand - we were too. That’s why we went on to build that tech. We’re crafting a creative copilot that can help marketers and designers optimize their creative right from the beginning. This allows them to test impact on consumers at every iteration of their creative process, minimizing guesswork and backing every decision with science.

And the best part is that we don’t just predict these hard-to-guess cognitive metrics; we also offer automatic tools to improve the assets: recommendations, machine alteration to increase impact, realistic predictions for each media context, and continuous competition monitoring. A real co-pilot to perfect the asset.

Memorability and ad recall on an advertising measured by AI
One of our first analyses on ads published in Facebook and Instagram by competing brands.

Building a Memorable path

Our journey started with Camilo’s research at MIT. Inspired by the possibilities of his work predicting cognitive impact, we contacted dozens of marketers to see if they’d like to access something like this for their everyday work. The answers were staggering: if this product existed there’s no way it wouldn’t be used.

We started building it in June 2021. Less than a year later, we’ve developed a highly intuitive SaaS platform, we’ve collected rich datasets of ad creative and their associated brain responses, and we’ve trained significantly better models than anything available in academia or industry.

We’ve been lucky to gather an all-star team of researchers and engineers from Stanford, Harvard and MIT who we couldn’t be more proud of. Our new models are now way beyond what we expected in early 2021 - the insights that they unlock and the recommendations that they’re able to give can truly reshape the way that people design visual communications.

Since then, amazing people have joined our path: AdTech pioneer Brian O’Kelley and Holly Peck became investors, advisors and friends. They’re not just shaping Memorable, but also helping us become better founders.

“The Dream of Every Marketer”

Powerful technology is not that great if it doesn’t distill into the right product and find the right market. Our first application is in marketing, where people have had to rely on obsolete methods for too long—like expensive and lengthy surveys with a handful of people and large confidence intervals as the main source of information to build impactful creative.

Marketers are flying blind when it comes to creative decisions while they spend millions on media. And while the adtech space came up with lots of tools for media optimization in the last decades, marketers are still quite empty-handed when it comes to improving their creative with data.

A small  increase in our indicators can bring millions on media savings or higher sales, perceptions of quality and brand loyalty. The opportunity is enormous, the market is starting to see it, and we’re the right team to enable that tornado.

And we couldn’t be more grateful for the response we’ve been getting. Even before launching openly or having our best UI, we started seeing traction with leaders in the market like L’Oréal, Unilever, Santander, and several others. Many of these large players have been sitting down with us weekly to help us understand how to really help them. And they were key to designing some of our coolest features like continuous competition monitoring and internal collaboration tools.

Impact sores for every ad AI
Automatic recommendations for your ads with AI
Example of automatic recommendations to increase brand association and recall.

Now that our product is reaching its v1, a week doesn’t go by without hearing about how this will change the game for marketers. And we can’t wait to open it up on April 1st.

The future is cognitive and automatic

We believe our work is part of a crucial evolution in the world of content creation and AI. Two big trends are shaping that world:

  1. Content generation is going from human-based to AI-based.
    GPT-3 is a strong example of this trend, and that’s no coincidence: AI-based generation expanded quickly in language through NLP. But that’s still hard to do in the visual domain, and particularly on videos, where generating realistic, temporally-coherent video remains a challenge.
  2. The next decade of AI will be more cognition-aware.
    While the last decade of AI progress brought disruptive changes through its incredible advancements in machine perception, we believe that many of the future disruptions will occur through a deeper understanding of the human brain. Discovering how it learns, how it is so efficient at processing information, what it saves into memory and what it doesn’t will be key to expanding the capabilities of intelligent machines.
AI-created content advertising major trends

Memorable was created to push the boundaries of these trends and develop products that can automatically generate and optimize assets, bringing much better results for brands and saving designers countless hours of work. We are, to date, the only company that can help people generate cognition-optimized images and videos.

If you’re curious about what’s coming, stay tuned. We’re preparing a launch on April 1st that will blow your mind.

Until then!

Sebastian & Camilo


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Becoming Memorable

Kick-starting the new era of cognitive creative. See how we're building the AI that will enable anyone to optimize the cognitive impact of their assets.

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