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How Hellmann’s chose the most impactful Key Visual with Memorable’s algorithm

We helped Hellmann’s choose the best KV among five alternatives. Can you guess better than AI?
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AI in marketing

Hellmann’s is a staple like no other in the condiment industry with its consumer-favorite ketchups and mayonnaise. To stay at the top Hellmann’s has to consistently evaluate the content it’s putting forward in order to ensure successful ad campaigns and maximize their impact on hungry clients.

The challenge: identifying the KV version that would bring larger value to the brand.

Luciana Capozzoli, U-Studio Manager Global Foods & Refreshment, wished to analyze 5 different key visuals that portray product, claim and food in different ways. Choosing the asset that would maximize memorability and cognitive impact could give way for countless, qualitative analysis that would be time and resource intensive, but Memorable proposes a different solution.

Reaching an answer was easy with our platform. Our algorithm is trained with 2.2 million human interactions to date, and capable of making prediction a 90% accuracy rate in saliency and 0.04 mean error in memorability.

“Unilever U-Studio needs to develop the best creative for impactful digital campaigns, making quick creative decisions every second. Thanks to Memorable we were able to base those decisions on data and optimize our assets becoming more relevant and agile”

     - Luciana Capozzoli

But before revealing Memorable’s answer, why don’t you guess which asset would have the most meaningful impact on viewers?

Hellmann's advertising
What would you choose?

After running the assets through our algorithm, Asset number 3 comes out as the clear winner. Asset 3 has the best combination of brand impact metrics such as text saliency, brand association index, and other specific metrics developed by Memorable.

Hellmann's advertising
The winner: Asset 3

If you didn’t guess right don’t worry about your ad quality identifying skills, it has been shown that people are actually pretty bad at identifying memorable ads.

Memorable also has the unique ability to not only help you choose which is the best ad but also maximize your assets’s impact too. We helped Hellman’s increase asset 3’s ad recall by 8% by carrying out the changes suggested by our platform.

Hellmann's advertising AI
Old vs New: How Memorable improves your ad recall by 8%

This 8% increase in ad recall is associated with a hike in sales by 4%*, perceived quality by 1.6%**, and brand loyalty by 2.4%***.

Curious to know how you can maximize your creative impact too? Request a demo for free and we will be happy to show you how your assets can be always the best.

*Huang, Rong & Sarigollu and Emine (2012), studying 11 brands in consumer goods for 2 years. **Dodds et al. (1991), analyzing electronics brands in the US. ***Chi et al. (2009), analyzing phone manufacturers in Taiwan.

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