Your new creative

A platform for marketers and creatives to test and optimize ads from day 1 in the creation process.

Brain reactions to your assets are not intuitive.
We help you maximize impact.

Test the impact of your creative ahead of time.

Test brand and conversion impact in seconds so you don't spend time and money on worthless content.

See what to do to increase impact

Our platform provides automatic recommendations based on the performance profile of each asset. You can apply them yourself or share with your creative team.

Automatic asset alterations

Our generative models alter multiple photometric features of your ad until it finds the best-performing one. We then allow you to download and use the improved version.

Never again waste time and money on untested ads

Your media dollars and your marketing time are lost with every low-impact creative. We help you make data driven decisions on how to maximize ROI. 

Maximize recall and branding in your awareness campaigns

Taking months to decide which scene works best to build brand awareness? Going back and forth with agencies losing precious time you could be putting your assets on air sooner?
Let us help by letting your agency offer pre tested creatives that already maximize cognitive impact from day 1. 

Maximize Conversion and CTR

Maximize reach and impact with detailed analysis on content marketing and customer engagement. Track your performance across channels with an easy to use SMM software.

Optimize impact in all your objective contexts

Context matters for memory and attention. Non-contextual surveys don’t show the real performance of the ad. We offer 26 different contexts where you can test your ad, plus the capability of requesting new ones.

Metrics we help you optimize