Senior Back-End Developer

Full time

About the position

This is a full time position, involving the back end development of Memorable’s main product. You will be part of the team in charge of ensuring the back end code meets industry standards and efficiently interacts with our databases, as well as improving the product.


  • Develop functional back-end code that interacts with our databases efficiently and favors scalability.
  • Iteratively improve the product, working alongside data scientists and web developers to add new functionalities.
  • Work closely with our front end developers to build an efficient and intuitive dashboard experience.
  • Translate product requirements and customer feedback into functional features.
  • Evaluate and test code to ensure that it meets industry standards.

About you

You have excellent development skills and can iterate quickly over high quality deliverables. You thrive in dynamic environments and take strong initiative to handle deadlines with responsibility. You're always learning and have an appreciation for the importance of the back end. You enjoy collaborating with data scientists and building products that can scale and improve over time. 

Minimum qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, similar technical field of study or equivalent practical experience.
  • TypeScript proficiency (at least 2 years).
  • Experience in backend development projects (at least 2 years).
  • Relational databases; mainstream frameworks (MySQL, AuroraSQL, AWS RDS) (at least 2 years).
  • GraphQL (at least 2 years).

Preferred qualifications

  • Experience with NoSQL databases.
  • Experience with TypeORM or TypeGaphQL. 
  • Experience with serverless architecture development and AWS, Azure, GCP.
  • Experience with SQL Database management and maintenance. Query performance optimization. 

What We offer  

  • WFH with flexible work hours.
  • Unlimited PTO. 
  • Publication opportunities. 
  • Science-driven culture. 
  • Contacts within the Harvard / MIT ecosystem. 
  • Yearly bonus for personal learning.