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Unilever’s leading hair brand Sedal increases the brand impact potential of its latest product launch by 67% with Memorable

With Memorable cutting-edge technology to optimize visual content, Sedal – Unilever’s leading hair care brand – increased the recall potential of its latest ad campaign
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With Memorable cutting-edge technology to optimize visual content, Sedal/Sunsilk – Unilever’s leading hair care brand – increased the recall potential of its latest ad campaign by 5%, its logo saliency by 70% and the attention towards its new line of products with Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid by 67%. 

Client Overview

Sedal, also known as Sunsilk in some countries, is the world’s leading hair care brand from Unilever. Their products are designed for Gen Z and millennials and are inclusive of every hair color, length, and texture. Sedal’s main objective is to democratize hair care trends and make them accessible to every consumer. Its brand proposal becomes even more relevant for tier 1 consumers who are tiering down in times of economic uncertainty. 


One of Sedal’s key objectives is to gain market share with a new product line containing trendy ingredients Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid. The brand representatives came to us with the desire to improve the memorability of their ads. Just like any brand, they want their ads to stand out in order to generate interest, build brand awareness and boost conversions.

For this campaign, the global manufacturer renewed their contract with Argentine singer and actress Lali Espósito, with whom they have worked before in the years 2014, 2016, and 2021. They wanted to build a more significant brand association with the influencer, as it proved to be a winning strategy over the past years for their brand.


Sedal turned to Memorable AI-powered platform to define the best-performing ads to be re-aired. The team wanted  to take into account the best industry practices and recommendations and apply them to their new campaign.

Using our AI-powered cutting-edge platform to optimize visual content, marketing professionals analyzed more than 130 assets from previous campaigns in less than 2 days to understand which creative strategies were key to building higher recall and branding potential. Without Memorable, testing a similar number of assets would have likely taken months.

Veronica Eichtersheimer, Sedal

Thanks to Memorable’s competition monitoring feature, marketing professionals can continuously monitor creative strategies and ever-changing design trends in their particular category. Unilever’s brand managers analyzed the 48 most recent ads from their competitors to explore the best practices in communicating these trendy beauty ingredients.

Maria Eugenia Moretti, Sedal


Brand managers at Unilever optimized their key visual resulting in 

  • a 5.5% increase in ad recall potential,
  • a 70% increase in their logo saliency,
  • 67% higher attention towards the new product line with Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, which was the main goal of this marketing campaign. 
Sedal advertising heat map with AI

At Memorable, we have built a metric that measures how much attention will be drawn to the text: Text Saliency. It shows the level of attention captured by the text in an ad, with respect from the rest of the elements in it. Memorable helped Sedal to extract key insights such as the observation that the “Sedal Care” claim is more salient when displayed in white font rather than in pink. 

Sedal advertising heatmap AI

Additionally, they realized that, when adapting ingredient scenes from YouTube to Facebook & Instagram, they were losing 38% of recall potential. 

Sedal advertising heatmap AI and ad recall
The image on the left showcases the close up shot with ingredients that  have only 44% of recall potential. The image on the right is the new version of this shot created by the Sedal team after they took into consideration a few recommendations generated by Memorable’s AI and this increased the ad recall potential to 71%.

We look forward to continue working together as a team with Sedal. With Memorable, marketers will be able to optimize the cognitive impact and conversion performance of all ads and at any stage of the design process. 

Explore our blog to see more examples of how leading brands and agencies are leveraging our AI to optimize their creatives in seconds.


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