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Make AI Ad Generators Work for You: A Guide to Mastering Your Prompt Generation

The key to a great AI-generated ad is an awesome text prompt. This guide will turn you into a prompt engineer in 10 minutes.
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AI-generated images can be truly amazing. Or rather disappointing.

An image generator can be a rollercoaster ride. Using the right combination of words can result in an awesome ad in no time. But if you don't get it right, you might have to try several times until you find the perfect creative. So buckle up and let's review the perfect strategy to create an ad masterpiece with the Memorable Ad Maker!

Work that prompt

The effort is completely worth it: writing solid AI generation prompts is crucial to ensure that the Ad Maker generates meaningful outputs. In other words, you’ll create more impactful ads.

Here's how you can start crafting some incredible prompts:

A guide to master your prompt generation with AI
  • Pro Tip 1: It’s all about the details

Writing vague prompts can leave the Ad Maker without a clear understanding of what you want. So think about the format (do you need a product photography or something more editorial?), the additional elements that will surround your main object, and their context and background, among others.

You can reinforce the quality of your work by adding a booster word, such as explicitly saying that you are looking for something "extremely detailed." For more examples, check out the Advertising Prompt Guide on the Memorable Ad Maker.

Examples of a good prompt guiding

Wandering what to include? We put together a list of components that help AI ad generators get a better sense of what you need.

The components of a great prompt using generative AI
  • Pro Tip 2: Include photographic prompt terminology, especially for framing, such as "close-up", "wide shot", and "full shot".

When using the Memorable Ad Maker, you are the creative director and our AI is the photographer. It’s important that you tell the Ad Maker all the specific details regarding the type of shot that you want. You can describe the camera angle (e.g. extreme close-up, wide shot, full shot), the position (e.g. overhead view, aerial view), the lens (macro lens, deep depth of field, fast shutter speed), and the lighting (cold lighting, warm lighting, studio lighting).

An example of a good prompt guiding with generative AI

  • Pro tip 3: If too many elements are confusing the AI, don't worry! You can use a "solidifier" to guide the ad maker.

If a large amount of details in your prompt makes the Ad Maker lose focus, try using a solidifier. You just need to repeat the main object. For example, instead of saying "photograph of a face cream jar next to lavender and pomegranate seen from above," try saying "photograph of a face cream jar, face cream jar, next to lavender and pomegranate seen from above.”

An example of a good prompt guiding with generative AI

  • Pro Tip 4: Consider the energy of your ad: play around with alternatives to evoke the desired emotions

The emotional range of your ad is a critical factor for its success on social media. Luckily, creative AI allows you to try multiple executions until you find the one that’s right for you.

An example of a good prompt guiding with generative AI

What is the emotional vibe of your Ad? Here is a list of great words that you can add to your prompts based on the type of emotional energy that you want to portray.

Example of types of energy for writing a prompt
Source: Jasper

Don’t know what emotions work best for your brand? Our Creative Analytics product helps you find out what works for your brand on each channel.

  • Pro Tip 5: You don't need to write a full sentence. Instead, focus on the subject and keywords for the remaining components.

Who needs sentences? Not you! With an AI Ad Generator, it's not always necessary to form complete sentences. Focus on having the individual components to make sure your ad maker knows what's up. Keep it clear and comprehensive, but no need to make it look like an actual sentence.

For instance, all these prompts below bring quite similar results

An example of a good prompt guiding with generative AI

Don't waste your time trying to articulate perfect sentences. Just focus on including all the right indications!

  • Pro Tip 6: Write prompts in a positive manner by describing what should exist, rather than what is missing.
An example of a good prompt guiding with generative AI

If something is in the prompt, it will most likely be in the image as well. If you want to avoid having cars on your highway, write “clear highway” instead of “highway with no cars”. The best way for the AI to understand exactly what you want to create is by writing it in a positive way.

  • Pro tip  7. Try to say goodbye to “very”

There are tons of ways you can spice up your writing without using the word "very". Rather than using "very big", for example, you could use "enormous" or other adjectives that more accurately convey what you're trying to express. Say "goodbye" to "very" and "hello" to creative writing!

  • Pro tip 8: experiment!

Writing a great prompt is a skill. And like all skills, it requires training. Don't be afraid to try out different versions. If you get impatient, just remember how expensive and lengthy a photoshoot can be ;)

Go for alternative approaches, lengths, keywords, and styles to see what works best for an ad. Before you know it you'll be mastering your prompt writing.

Ready to try a new prompt? We hope that this guide has provided you with valuable insights on how to create impactful ads using AI.

Want to learn more about creating amazing AI-generated ads? Don't hesitate to reach out to us at wecare@memorable.io! We're always here to help, and who knows, maybe you'll even have some tips or discoveries to share with us. Stay creative!

And happy building!


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