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Attention: An Impact Booster in Out-of-Home Advertising

Advertising is more than just what you say; it's about how and where you show it. In out-of-home (OOH) advertising, knowing how attention works in different situations is crucial, and that's where artificial intelligence and its attention prediction models come to the rescue.
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AI in marketing
Most ads go unnoticed

What can advertisers do in Out-of-Home, where the ads compete against countless distracting factors? 

Great news: the attention on your ad can be predicted with AI. 

And even better: in OOH you know the context so the creative can be optimized to attract attention based on the placement.

Advertising isn't just about what you communicate; it's also about how and where you display your message. For OOH advertising, understanding how attention operates in different contexts is crucial. This is where artificial intelligence comes in handy, specifically, attention prediction models.

Unraveling the Dynamics of Attention

In any environment, certain elements capture the viewer's attention more than others. This concept holds true in advertising. Understanding this dynamic is critical in determining what part of an ad will grab the viewer's attention and keep it engaged.

Contextual Attention: A Key Ingredient in OOH Advertising

Contextual attention refers to how much attention an ad garners within its specific display environment. In OOH advertising, it's necessary to understand how an ad performs within its context — for instance, on a billboard beside a bustling highway or in a quiet subway station.

Understanding the Dual Challenge in OOH Advertising

OOH advertisements face a two-fold challenge. Firstly, amidst an array of competing stimuli, they need to seize the viewer's attention. Secondly, once they've captured that attention, they need to direct it effectively towards the ad's key elements — the brand logo, the call to action, or the product.

Harnessing Contextual Attention: A Path to Greater Brand Recognition

Effective OOH advertising doesn't just depend on the ad's content, but also on the context it's presented in. Research suggests that marketing elements that successfully attract attention significantly impact brand choice. Moreover, greater attention to specific aspects of an ad, such as brand visuals, can enhance brand recognition.

Aiding Decision Making with Attention Prediction Models

Attention prediction models provide advertisers with data on where viewers' attention is likely to be drawn within an ad in its specific context. This information can be pivotal in formulating advertising strategies and optimizing campaign success.

In conclusion, understanding and harnessing attention within its context is key to enhancing the effectiveness of OOH advertising. It helps advertisers optimize their creatives, making the most out of their ad spend.

Precision You Can Count On

The Attention in Context metric leverages Memorable’s Attention model, which has a 97% accuracy rate, providing reliable insights that can help drive your campaign success.

Want to try our attention heatmaps with one of your assets? Send an email to contact@memorable.io with the subject “attention” and we’ll get back to you with the results.


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